1. How long will it take to complete my portrait?

    Once started, the portrait will take approximately 4-6 weeks to complete.


2. Do you actually need to see my animal in person?

    If at all possible, I do prefer to see the animal in person. It allows me to get a better feel for their personality.

    It also allows me to take my own photos based on what I learn from their individual characteristics.

    If I am unable to see your animal, you may send photos yourself.

    If a photo has a © copyright, please obtain permission from the photographer before sending to me.


3. If I have to supply my own photos, what kind of photos will you need?

    Here are a few photo tips that will help to make a better portrait:

    a. Send LOTS of photos from all different angles.

    b. Early morning, or late afternoon sunlight is best with the sun being behind you.

    c. Try not to take pictures on cloudy days, as you will loose shadows and depth and your pictures will end up

        flat and unflattering.

    d. Take photos at eye level. Please don't take photos where your animal has to look up to you.

    e. 3/4 angles are best. Head on shots are not recommended.

    f. If you are sending digital images, please send with a resolution of at least 300 DPI.


4. Is there anything besides photos that you would need to complete my portrait?

    Yes. A good character description is extremely helpful.

For example:

    Maybe there is a certain way your animal tilts their head, or maybe there is a special toy that they play with.

    Do they stand, sit, or lay in an unusual way?

    If they are a competition animal, what is their sport? Within that sport, where do they excel?

    Any little detail that will remind you of your animal is very helpful, and will ultimately make a far more intimate



5. Does my commission include framing?

    No. I believe framing is a personal experience and should be chosen by the client to match their own style.


6. Are there any special care requirements with my portrait?

    As with all original art, it is fragile! Do not hang your portrait in direct sunlight. Over time it will fade.

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