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A little collection of photos and personal information about some wonderful Morgan horse people in Montana who love their Morgan horses.


"This is not a book about Morgan history, or education, it is simply a book highlighting the love and admiration that I have witnessed of four Montana Morgan horse families and their amazing Morgan horses."  -  Heidi Osgood-Metcalf




Most girls only dream about a pony of their very own. Audrey Mellin dreamed about a pony and it became a reality. Laughter, suspense, fear, joy, friendship, family and Love. From beginning to end, this is a story about devotion and the bond that forms between a young girl and her pony. Follow Audrey and her new white pony, Angus Og, as the share the most memorable, adventurous, heartwarming, educational, and inspiring summer imaginable. He would jump over the moon for her, and she would move heaven and earth for him. This is truly a story any horse lover will enjoy.

Written by: Joan Osgood • Illustrated by: Heidi Osgood-Metcalf




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